In The Community Member of the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce

In The Community

We are proud to be members of several community organizations, including the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce, and Gulfcoast Women in Networking. Below are some pictures of Nancy’s Concierge teammates out in the communities of Venice, Sarasota, and throughout the Southwest Florida area. Thank you for reading! Nancy

Nancy's Concierge Services Party Planning of Nancy's Concierge Services

Top 11 Tips for Planning Your Party

There are many reasons to have a party! Some ideas include: birthdays, celebrating your friendships, anniversaries, relatives and friends visiting you, graduation, retirement, weddings… there are many reasons to celebrate and host a party!  Once you decide that you wish to host a party, there a few things to keep in mind: What is the occasion?…

Home Watch Nancy's Concierge Services

Watch My Home

I get asked all the time, “What do you charge”? I follow up with, it depends on the service you are inquiring about.  Home Watch can include a multitude of services. When we walk into homes to check on its safety we enter with our eyes wide open and prepared to tackle anything that we…

Home Organization and Home Watch by Nancy's Concierge Services

Clear the Clutter!

I can’t find my keys. Where did I put my phone? What did I do with the scissors? Where are my new jeans? I just can’t seem to leave on time. Do these questions and statements run through your mind on a daily basis? Is clutter taking over you space leaving frustration on your mind?…

Party Planning by Nancy's Concierge Services

Why Use A Catering Services For Your Party

When it comes to catering, there are many details to keep in mind. Whether you are planning a party for a birthday or planning a celebration gathering for a bereavement of a loved one, the components are the same. At Nancy’s Concierge Service we specialize in Home Services that includes Party Planning and assistance.  It is important you…

Home Watch Services by Nancy's Concierge Services

House Watch

How Important is your home to you when there is no one home? It is a beautiful day in Sarasota Florida. I would like to share with you how business here at Nancy’s Concierge Services is going. We are busy getting ready to service our clients for Home Watch as the Snowbirds get ready to…