I have been taking care of homes ever since I was a little girl. The feeling I got when I gave my loving nurture to our home gave me a complete sense of comfort, security, love and safety. I guess I can say I liked the reaction I received when I cleaned and organized a space in our home. My mom would light up with surprise and happiness and that gave me a good feeling about myself and my capabilities. To some, a home is just a place to rest your head, eat a meal or a landing pad for your belongings, but to me, a home is a sanctuary where you should feel empowered, relaxed, love and accomplishment. Our homes are our kingdoms that tell a story about who we are all about. It speaks about our accomplishments & shows our family. Your home tells a story. What is your story? I like to go into homes and be part of your story that brings peace, love and joy. If that means home watch, management or have a party, let it be with the people who really genuinely care. I am also a certified Florida notary. I look forward to working with you!

Nancy Scott, President and CEO of Nancy’s Concierge Services